Get Ready for #FeedinTheFolkFridays



Last week, we launched #FeedinTheFolkFriday  Our aim is to give the fine folks of Norfolk County a single space to find all of their favourite restaurants and their take away options.  Want to participate?  Excellent – we are glad to have you on board!

Simply email Melanie with as much of the following information as you can, no later than Thursday at 12 noon for the Friday edition of #FeedinTheFolkFriday

Include the following:

  • The name and complete address of your restaurant
  • Your restaurant’s logo (first submission only)
  • A copy of your weekend take away restaurant offerings
  • Instructions for ordering (phone call? email? website?)
  • An email address and phone number where you can be reached for questions or clarification
  • Any other social media links that will help your customers find you

This will all be compiled into a single blog post and then shared across multiple social media platforms.  The option for your customers to subscribe to the latest weekly news will be included.

Sound good?  Great.  Drop us a line and let’s get started Feedin’ the Folk