Norfolk County Mother’s Day Deals

Traditionally, Mother’s Day is supposed to mean mom doesn’t cook or clean, but does get lavished with lovely gifts from her children.  In reality, it often means visiting multiple households in attempt to make sure all of the mother figures in your life feel loved and appreciated.

This year, the visiting won’t be happening.  That doesn’t mean you can’t make sure that all the mom-figures in your life have a day filled with Norfolk County goodness.  Here are some of our County’s best offerings

Restaurant Offerings

Not cooking is pretty much a given for Mother’s Day, yes?  Here’s a quick rundown of some of the local restaurants that are offering take home goodness

Gibbled Goose Mother's Day Menu



The Gibbled Goose in Waterford has three entrees (chicken, beef, and vegetarian) and chocolate cake on the menu this weekend.  And if you are looking to avoid the line up for adult beverages, they can deliver those as well.






Ferrera Simcoe Mother's Day Menu




Ferrera Simcoe is featuring salmon, pickeral, perch, chicken, and a vegetarian salad option.  And let’s not forget the cheesecake bar for dessert.  Call 226-440-3111 to order before May 8.  They will also provide adult beverages with your meal.






Kaley's Simcoe Mother's Day Menu



At Kaley’s Simcoe you can pick up brunch or dinner.  Or maybe both.  And let us not forget the dessert offerings – tiramisu, cheesecake, and a flourless chocolate cake.  Order ahead before May 8 at 4 pm.





Mai and Pai Restaurant Delhi Ontario

Mai and Pai’s Restaurant and Cafe Delhi is offering both breakfast and lunch/dinner :

Breakfast: 2 eggs any style with bacon, potato fry and fruit cup $8.95

Lunch/Dinner: Three perch, three shrimp, two fried avocado pieces and fries with cheesecake $24.95

Call 519-582-253 by May 7 at pm to order.  If you live in Delhi, they will deliver for $5!




David’s Groceria Port Dover lets you make your mom a meal right at home.  Surf and turf, truffles, flowers, a bottle of wine PLUS a gift card for Elements Day Spa  BOOM!  Meal and gift taken care of all at once.  You are now an official rock star.  Order by May 6 for May 8 or May 9 pick up.








Ritzy Cakes & Eatery Waterford has whipped up the most adorable cupcakes.  Porch drop these as is or wrap them up to look like a flower bouquet.  Remember to pre-order.




Gifts and Flowers

Scentsy Erin Hunt Mother's Day



Until we can open up our windows and breathe in spring, Scentsy will make a great substitute.  Representative Erin Hunt has put together a $40 mystery bag.




Sloths & Molasses Simcoe


Sloths & Molasses Simcoe has tons of gift ideas for mom.  Specialty mugs, coffee beans, hand crafted items from Norfolk County artisans.  Check out both their Facebook page and website.  Order by May 8 at 10 am for May 9 delivery.





Jensen Cheese Mothers Day


Jensen Cheese Simcoe will deliver this delicious box of cheese to your mother’s Norfolk County porch on Mother’s Day.  Contact them by calling 519-426-4523 or email [email protected] to place your order by May 8 at 11 am.



Cottage North Soapworks Mothers Day Sincerity Dahlia



Cottage North Soapworks Port Dover has a few different Mother’s Day gifts.  Or, you can call them (519) 583-3977 and they will help you design something. Porch delivery available.