Business Loans for Existing Businesses

Improve, Expand, or Stabilize Your Enterprise with Business Loans

There is any number of reasons why an established business might require additional financing: You could be expanding your operations, acquiring a new business space, or simply dealing with an unforeseen shortfall during one-quarter. Whatever the reason, we will help you prepare the plans and paperwork required to give your business that much needed financial injection to keep you rolling down that path to success.

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Application Process

All loans are fully open for prepayment without penalty or fees.
Application Process: Step 1

Business Plan

Prepare a business plan – your blueprint to your business proposal.

Application Process: Step 2

Cash Flow Projection

Prepare a one year cash flow projection (if an existing business, provide at least the last two year’s financial statements).

Application Process: Step 3

Meet With Us

Meet with Venture Norfolk staff to review the financing required.

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