Start-Up Loans for New Businesses

Finding Much-Needed Start-Up Capital

Financing is one of the most challenging obstacles an entrepreneur has to overcome when approaching a business start-up.

Ask yourself:

  • How much money is needed to finance this business?
  • How much of your own money do you have for this business?
  • Do you already own any of the assets needed to start this business?
  • Do you have family, friends, acquaintances, or others who are willing and able to invest in this business?
  • Will your bank assist you with a loan?

If you still need to raise sufficient capital to get your business off the ground talk to Venture Norfolk. We may be able to help.

Application Process

All loans are fully open for prepayment without penalty or fees.
Application Process: Step 1

Business Plan

Prepare a business plan – your blueprint to your business proposal.

Application Process: Step 2

Cash Flow Projection

Prepare a one-year cash flow projection.

Application Process: Step 3

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Meet with Venture Norfolk staff to review the financing required.

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